Sooo…What is it you DO, exactly?

I get this question a lot when I first tell people that I’m a Technology Integration Specialist. While those relatively new to the education world are more familiar with this idea, others have never heard of it. I kind of liken it to all the various acronyms we give to jobs nowadays. Secretaries are “Administrative Assistants”, we have “Customer Care Relations Specialist” for Help Desk employees. So, usually once I explain to people my role, they are excited and interested to hear how I help teachers and students.

Working with 6 different buildings is a bit challenging, and the logistics of simply making it to all the schools and doing meaningful work is often difficult. Teachers have so much on their plates, technology is AWESOME when it works, random visitors, opportunities, assemblies, emergencies, etc. all pop up, and a myriad of other “crises” can derail even the best laid plans. With all of those (potential) obstacles, working with teachers and students is still incredibly rewarding – even if fleeting and short-lived at times.

My job has been made possible through funding by a Federal Grant to support STEM and STEAM education in our  nation’s schools. What an awesome and exciting time to be a support person! The incredible things students do, the intense level of engagement and connection to their learning…it’s awe-inspiring. I decided to create a short video of what types of work I’ve been doing in the month since I began working with teachers. You can view the video here.


There are so many creative ways students are using technology to improve the world they live in and to enhance their understanding of complex issues. I cannot wait to see the fruition of some of the projects I have been supporting students on.

Your Turn:

What do you do that inspires others? 

What do others do that inspires you? 

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