OCLMOOC – Learning Goals

This week started the beginning of a six-week long MOOC – massive open online course. The focus of this course is Open and Connected Learning. Facilitated by educators in Alberta, Canada, this MOOC will be another way for me to engage with educators in the same field in other parts of the world. Here are my learning goals for this course:

1. Continue to deepen and widen my Professional Learning Network. 

Connecting with others is one of the most powerful learning experiences one can engage in. I love the energy and inspiration I feel at conferences as educators learn about new tools, speak face to face with those they’ve only Tweeted with, and share stories about what they have been doing in their classrooms. Continuing to interface with educators who are engaged in the same types of work as me will help me to become better at my job, increase the amount of “tools” in my teaching toolbox, and help me to find new ways to work with adults and students.

2. Learn new and interesting ways to connect technology and learning objectives. 

There are a lot of technology tools and websites that I used with my students. But many of those are pretty content-specific, and not all are grade appropriate. While I do spend time brainstorming with teachers and researching new technologies, I’m only one person. My goal with this course is not just to increase the number of “tools” that I am aware of, but to learn from those teachers who have already used those technologies. I can’t wait to be an inspiring story for another educator.

3. Hone my leadership skills.

Working in this role is a shift from being a classroom teacher. Keeping track of the variety of routines, schedules, projects, content, etc. in six different buildings is daunting. Being comfortable with a myriad of personalities is key to success in this role. I love observing in classrooms and listening to the cool skills and concepts teachers are sharing with students. Through interfacing with educators, I will begin to have an even clearer articulation of my role and responsibilities.

Your Turn:

What goals do you set for yourself?

How do you keep yourself on track?

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