Status Update

Tomorrow morning I will be presenting to the Director of the Magnet Program as well as the building principals of the 6 schools I work with. There are some principals with whom I have already had an opportunity to work closely with. Others, I have not been as fortunate, but I am excited about beginning to form professional connections with them as well.

Below is the Google Presentation I have created as a way to focus my portion of the meeting. I like being “forced” to share what I have been working on because it allows me to see – in hard data – all the various projects I have been working on. Additionally, presenting to the other building principals will hopefully inspire them to take some ideas back to their own buildings. I love working with so many talented, inspired, and dedicated professionals. It makes my job so enjoyable!

Google Presentation

Technology Integration Presentation

2 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Rhonda Jessen says:

    I hope your session on Technology Integration went well. I know what you mean about being “forced” to share, I find that it is easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to share your learning with others.
    I am glad that you have joined us in #oclmooc and I am looking forward to learning with you.


    • Mrs. K. says:

      Thanks, Rhonda! The presentation went quite well. It was nice to sit with all 6 principals and discuss things that are working well in some buildings and ways to be more of a support to staff, students, and the district.


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