Digital Portfolios

I have seen several people using Smore to create flyers to promote a variety of things. Smore is an awesome tool that is quite diverse and can be used for many different events, conferences, or idea-sharing. I decided to hop on the Smore train and use Smore to create a flyer with some technology tidbits centered around digital portfolios.

Several years ago, I attended the MACUL conference and first heard about using digital portfolios. (Can’t wait to attend again this year starting tomorrow!) The following year, I implemented digital portfolios in my English classroom. Students used Blogger to create a blog, there were static pages for each of the “divisions” of their portfolio. In years past, students would get binders and we would spend close to 3 weeks on creating their portfolios. Students would include specific projects from each content area, photos, awards, other work they were proud of, and a letter from their parents. While they were very visually appealing, I wasn’t sure it was the best use of classroom time and the best option for these students’ future learning. My own teaching portfolio often stayed stuck in my bag during job interviews, but when I morphed to an online portfolio, I would often have the interview committee comment upon things they had seen on my portfolio.

Additionally, students were more and more often creating projects, videos, websites, and screencasts using technology. It was difficult to showcase these online, digital texts in a paper-pencil format. While I did experience quite a bit of push back from parents and some students, most were very excited to create their own digital space. They liked being able to easily add photos, change fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. and the ease with which they could share their portfolios. My future vision is that students could continue to revisit their portfolios, archive their older work and add newer items. This would be more of a living document than a binder that sort of stayed stuck in time.

Since my pilot of digital portfolios, many tools have emerged that make students documenting their increased digital learning easier. The Smore flyer I created below showcases some of those tools. Click HERE to access my Smore flyer.

Smore Flyer

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