Going Google!

As part of my summer PD training, I am thrilled to be working with staff on utilizing Google Apps for Education. Next year, this school will be 1:1 iPads, so having some viable, easy way to curate their learning, share it, and collaborate with one another. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a HUGE Google fan, so getting more and more people on the GAFE train makes me super happy.

We spent the bulk of our day showcasing the variety of tools within the Google Suite. Teachers were impressed by the ease of creating and sharing a Google Calendar. They LOVED Google Forms – especially the data analysis piece and the variety of ways they could use Forms in their classroom. We used Forms several times throughout the training to collect various types of data. Teachers loved that it was super easy to complete, they liked the option of making them anonymous or collecting student usernames automatically. When we looked more in depth at Google Docs and the Research tool, staff was blown away. I love when I am able to share with staff a tool or trick that will help them and/or make their lives easier. It helps them to see the value in what we’re trying to accomplish and the why.

Google Classroom is going to be a HUGE asset, both for the teachers as instructors and as learners. I plan on utilizing Classroom to share resources and create assignments to design more of a Flipped PD Model. Staff loved the ease of creating classes and assignments.

I’m excited to guide the staff throughout the next couple of years to see how their tech integration evolves. I collected staff perceptions at the end of the training (via a Google form, natch!) and the majority of staff seemed energized and excited about the possibilities. I was so pleased that staff felt inspired and not overwhelmed. That goes so far in helping teachers continue to grow and learn – and implement what they have learned!

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