Tech Camp 2015

I’m pleased to share an exciting – and FREE – technology professional development opportunity for my friends in the Mitten. East Lansing Public Schools is hosting a 3 day technology camp, covering topics ranging from social media, technology integration, software systems, iPads, and more.

This is the first year East Lansing Schools are offering this technology camp, and I’m excited to be a part of it. I will be sharing my knowledge on using code in the classroom. I have presented on this topic at a couple of conferences recently, and the amount of people who are interested in this topic continues to grow. I’m excited to share what my teaching partner and I have learned and to talk to folks who have done similar things in their buildings. That’s probably the best part of any conference – those connections!

While I engage in a lot of online learning – webinars, MOOCs, and Twitter chats – there is a lot of value in the opportunity to connect with others face to face.

There is no registration or fee for attending the Tech Camp; you can attend all 3 days or pick and choose which sessions you would like to attend. You can learn more and view the schedule here. Hope to see some friendly faces there!

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