Going Beyond Google

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, several of the schools I am working with are Going Google. Earlier this summer, I worked with one of my schools and did some basic training on Google Drive – Docs, Forms, and Classroom, specifically. As with most things we learn, you have to use it or you lose it. I don’t take personally that staff doesn’t remember every single thing I taught them!

This summer I have worked hard to provide personalized learning opportunities for my teachers by providing drop-in office hours. A few teachers have taken up this option, but the majority have not. And that’s okay; we all need breaks and all are busy. However, as a Technology Integration Specialist, I want to share my knowledge and strengths to help teachers engage students in new ways and to hopefully make their lives easier! Starting next week and going through the month of July, I am offering some more in-depth and focused teaching of Google Apps.

While there is value in learning the technical “how-tos”, they don’t really help if you never provide teachers time to practice and practical ways to use these tools. Yeah, they are fun and exciting at first, but if you don’t have any real pedagogical and curricular connections, then what’s the point? My hope is that these summer Google training sessions will be useful for teachers.

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