The Innovator’s Mindset – Introduction & Chapter 1 Discussion Questions

It’s very easy to get frustrated by school as a system. Education can sometimes be focused on data points and test scores rather than exploration and creativity. It’s up to us – those within the system – to create conditions that support and foster innovation. You can read more about this in George Couros’ book – The Innovator’s Mindset.

Next Wednesday, I will post my own thoughts to these questions and other ideas the first few pages have generated. You may find these questions and other supplemental materials here.¬†¬†Haven’t signed up yet? Get on board here!

Introduction Discussion Question:
Why do you believe schools need to change and what are the opportunities that lay in front of us?

Chapter One: What Innovation is and Isn’t Discussion Questions:

  1. What is an example of a practice that you would consider to be innovative? How is it new or better that what you had before?
  2. How do you create opportunities for innovation in your leadership? In your teaching? In your learning?
  3. What has changed in our world today that not only makes innovation easier to do, but necessary for our students?



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