Idea Slam

I’m super excited to be co-hosting the 3rd annual MichEd METS Idea Slam! It’s happening in less than two weeks and it’s honestly one of my favorite things I am involved with. The concept is simple: what big idea do you have to change education and have an impact on your school, community, and the larger world? We ask for “pitchers” to submit an application, the top four ideas are selected, and then the night of the event, the pitchers pitch their idea. At the end of the night, we vote, and the top vote-getter wins some seed money to get their idea off the ground. Check out last year’s event video! 

It’s always so energizing to be with so many educators from all over the state, sharing their ideas and passions for improving their craft. So much of our day to day work can be frustrating and feel like we don’t make much of a difference. It’s so refreshing to attend events like this to reignite the passion and fire that drew so many of us into education in the first place.

Screenshot 2018-02-27 at 4.44.49 PM.png

If you’re local(ish) and can make it to Grand Rapids on March 7th, we’d love to see you! Tickets are available here. It includes free food, amazing energy, new ideas, and a chance to network with new and old friends! Even if you’re not local, you can follow along on Twitter using #miched-mets and if you’re interested in hosting a similar event in your area, I’d love to help!

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